The Metos CB 1x10R NG counter top model is an easy to use, fast and
reliable coffee maker, with one filtering unit and a ten litres
container. With its help, you will be able to brew a container full of
delicious filtered coffee in fifteen minutes.

The amount of coffee to be prepared can be selected in either litres or
cups from the easy to use, touch sensitive panel. The unit’s touch
panel helps users when it comes to using the coffee brewer and adding
the correct amount of coffee powder. The coffee brewer is equipped
with a timer, with the aid of which the brewing of filtered coffee can
be programmed to start at a certain time. The coffee maker is capable of
brewing around 60 litres (approx. 480 cups) of coffee per hour. The
brewing of filtered coffee will not begin if the jug is not in place and
the filter bracket has not been rotated into position above the jug.
The process of brewing filtered coffee can be monitored on the panel.
The general and daily consumption of coffee and coffee powder can be
monitored on the panel. When the coffee is ready, the coffee maker will
let you know on the panel and with an audio signal. The measuring gauge
of the electrically heated container shows how much coffee is left.
The Metos CB 1x10R NG coffee maker with container operates on the
principle of flow through heating, which means that the device uses only
cold and oxygen rich water during filtering, and maintains the correct
temperature for water throughout the filtering processes. The
indicator, which is adjusted depending on water hardness, displays the
need for removing scale deposits from the coffee maker.

The coffee maker’s housing and the container is made from stainless
steel, and the front parts are made from aluminium. The container is
located on the right side of the coffee maker housing. The power
connection of the insulated, electrically heated container is connected
to a socket located in the housing of the coffee pot and protected from

– container capacity 10l
– filtered coffee brewing capacity around 60 l/h (approx. 480 cups).
– the amount of brewed filtered coffee can be selected in litres or
number of cups
– filtered coffee brewing audio signal
– indictor indicating the need to remove scale deposits
– filtering bracket’s boundary sensor
– container sensor
– touch sensitive screen
– table top model
– the container is located on the right side of the coffee maker housing

– Electrically heated coffee container, with a seal equipped lid;
– filtering unit with a filtering block;
– mixing pipe;
– power cord for the container
– drip tray;
– gauge glass brush;
– measuring glass;
– coffee, tea and hot water stickers
– fixing brackets
– storm rail

EXTRA ACCESSORIES (can be ordered separately):
– filter paper 152/457 (500 pcs per pack);
– tea filter and filling pipe;
– additional containers

Vikt 33 kg Dimensioner 590 × 470(330) × 790 mm Kapasitet

60 liter/timme

Teknisk information

380-415 V, 10 A, 6,2 kW, 3NPE, 50/60 Hz
KV: 19



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